John Miller and Jesica Cutler

John and Jesica have been dancing together since 2012, and in that time have developed a teaching style that is fun, accessible, and precise. They have an easy rapport with students, extensive knowledge of technique and structure, and superb understanding of body mechanics and movement. John began dancing at the age of 18, never suspecting that Tango would eventually take over his entire life. When the realization struck, he decided to pursue Tango as a career and has been teaching full time since 2009. Jesica is a trained massage therapist, as well as a teacher of Lindy Hop and Blues, and she employs her extensive anatomical and dance knowledge to analyze movement and help her students better understand the mechanics of their own bodies. They have taught at Tango festivals in Denver, Salt Lake City, and La Paz, Mexico. They live in Denver and study primarily with Gustavo Naviera and Giselle Anne. 


John is one of the most popular DJs in Colorado, and to date has played at over 1500 practicas and milongas. He has DJed across North America at many festivals and milongas, including the UTango Festival in Salt Lake City, Burning Tango in McCloud, the Albuquerque Tango Festival, the Natural Tango Festival, the Boulder Tango Festival, Mala Leche in New York City, the Toronto Tango Experience, the Midwest Tango Festival, the Chicago Mini-Festival, the Mountain Milonga Retreat, and the Baja EcoTango Festival.

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