Amber Schneider

Amber Schneider has had an affinity for  Visual Art ever since she was a little girl. She was always drawing, painting or building something growing up. Even when the TV was on, she was tuned out and interested only in creating things.

   Amber attended a Magnet Arts High School called 'Denver School of the Arts' as a Visual Arts major. She then continued  her studies at the Kansas City Art Institute as a Sculpture major. After College, Amber redirected her focus to painting. For several years she studied in a focussed studio group under Master Pastellist: Deborah Bays.

When that group came to an end, Amber found Partnered Dancing (primarily Blues dance and Tango) and devoted all of her creative focus to it for the following 7 years.

   In the past year and a half, Amber has polished the dust off of her paint brushes and reconnected once again with her path in the Visual Arts.

Although she  often finds it a bit challenging deciding whether to stay at home and paint or go out dancing, Amber generally feels that the two art forms complement each other nicely. Probably not terribly surprising, Amber has found particular enjoyment in painting dancers. Not only is it a salute to the other creative force in her life, but it serves as a deepening and expanding appreciating for it as well. 

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