Welcome to Tango on the Rocks 2019!

August 30th-September 2nd

The festival is starting! We've had a few last-minute additions to the schedule. Check out the schedule here


This is the fifth year of Tango on the Rocks and we couldn't be more excited! This year's festival will feature some of the best teachers and DJs in the country, a farm-to-table menu of gourmet snacks and food, milongas in Denver's most beautiful historic venues, and much more! Special features include:


Eleonora Kalganova (Newark, NJ)

Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios (Miami, FL)

Rod Relucio & Jenny Teters (Chicago, IL)

John Miller & Jesica Cutler (Denver, CO)

Nick Jones & Fiona Foster (Denver, CO)

Master of Ceremonies

Nick Jones



Wayne Rozier (Fleet, United Kingdom)

Rod Relucio (Chicago, IL)

Tommy Smith (Boise, ID)

Greg Gee (San Diego, CA)

John Miller (Denver, CO)


Special Features

- Gourmet hors-d'oeuvres during classes and milongas

- Spectacular performances

- Live music with Orquesta Típica NaturalTango

- All-night and alternative milongas

- Beginner track

- Late night breakfast

- Tango Colorado's Cheesman Park Pavilion Milonga

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