Tommy Smith (Boise, ID)

Fearlessly leading the Boise Tango scene to strange new places, Tommy Smith has worked tirelessly to promote and improve Tango in the West. As a DJ he is unstoppable, playing hit after hit until dancers start requesting 80's De Angelis, just to have an excuse to stop dancing. 

Rod Relucio (Chicago, IL)

Rod is an alchemist: with nothing but a bit of concentration and a laptop, he transforms a quiet, empty room into a party that rages so hard the police have to be called. He will be DJing the All Night milonga on Sunday, so be sure to arrive early before everyone is officially ordered to disperse. 

Sarah Genung (Denver, CO)

Sarah Genung learned the craft of DJing on the rough and tumble streets of Spokane. After bringing the entire city under her sway, she set her sights on bigger game. She moved to Denver in 2015 and has all but taken over that town, too. She'll put you under her musical spell until you can't tell up from down, left from right, or Pugliese from Canaro. 

Wayne Rozier (Fleet, UK)

Wayne stowed away on a cargo ship and braved three months of rough waters, savage storms, and scurvy to DJ at Tango on the Rocks. 

John Miller (Denver, CO)

John Miller has been DJing for over half his life and in that time has played nearly every scenario imaginable: in seedy bars, under bridges, in Churches, warehouses, at weddings, funerals, high school sock-hops, on beaches, house parties, from 100-year-old victrolas, and at dozens of festivals. 

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