Wayne Rozier (Fleet, UK)

Wayne stowed away on a cargo ship and braved three months of rough waters, savage storms, and scurvy to DJ the alternative milonga at Tango on the Rocks. 

Tommy Smith (Boise, ID)

Fearlessly leading the Boise Tango scene to strange new places, Tommy Smith has worked tirelessly to promote and improve Tango in the West. As a DJ he is unstoppable, playing hit after hit until dancers start requesting 80's De Angelis, just to have an excuse to stop dancing. 

Rod Relucio (Chicago, IL)

Rod is an alchemist: with nothing but a bit of concentration and a laptop, he transforms a quiet, empty room into a party that rages so hard the police have to be called. He will be DJing the Grand Milonga on Saturday night, so be sure to arrive early before everyone is officially ordered to disperse. 

Greg Gee (San Diego, CA)

Greg started dancing tango in 2005 and quickly grew to love it. His love and connection to the music led him into DJing. He is a local favorite in San Diego. His style brings great musicality and virtuosity to the dance floor both leading and following. He empathizes the essence and tradition of tango while trying to improve and evolve. A software engineer by day, he created a plugin to display music info while DJing much to the appreciation of the dancers. Greg also has become known for his photography at festivals and local milongas. 

John Miller (Denver, CO)

John Miller has DJed over twelve hundred milongas and practicas in the past decade (including one peculiar incident in which he cranked the Victrola too fast...), and in those thousands of hours has come to one conclusion about what a DJ should do: play good music. So he does. 

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