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Yanina Quiñones and Neri Piliu

Yanina and Neri.jpg

Yanina Valeria Quiñones and Neri Luciano Piliu dance together since 2006. They were professionally trained at the Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino (ACETA) by famous milongueros and teachers such as Carlos Perez and Rosa, Pupi Castello, Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Gerardo Portalea, Toto Faraldo and Milena Plebs, amongst many others.

They took part in tango competitions in Buenos Aires where they won the first place in both Tango Salon and Escenario: Pre-World Champions-North Zone Tango Salón in 2006/2007, Pre-World Champions West-South Area Tango Show in 2006, Baradero Festival Champions Tango Escenario in 2006 and they gained the second place in the Tango Salon World Championship in 2008, which is held annually in Buenos Aires.Since then, they have performed at some of Buenos Aires most well-known Milongas, such as Sunderland, La Baldosa, Salon Canning, Griciel, Porteno Bailarin, often accompanied by top level orchestras such as Color Tango, La Orchestra de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and La Orchestra Sans Souci.
They have also worked in some of the most important Buenos Aires theatres including Piazzolla Tango Show, Boca Tango and Cafe Tortoni.

John Miller and Jesica Cutler

Jesica is a master of anatomy, John is a whiz at structure, and together their classes present a clear and integrated understanding of Tango, both in movement and in composition. They have been teaching together for eight years, and work extensively with college students to bring Tango to the younger generation. They have also taught at numerous festivals in the US and abroad, including the Boulder Tango Festival, Tree City Tango, Wasatch Tango Festival, the Mountain Milonga Retreat, the La Paz Eco-Tango festival in Mexico, and of course, at Tango on the Rocks. Not to mention, they are the organziers of the festival, so if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! 

Rod Relucio and Jenny Renee

Rod and Jenny 2-2.jpg

Rod has been dancing all his life. He and Jenny have performed in various venues around the world. Although his background has been mostly in hip hop and street dancing, he has fully committed himself to Argentine Tango. One can still see the lasting influence of his street dancing in his innovative and original tango style. 

It is also easy to see the coexistence of traditional tango movements and philosophy working in symmetry with a newer nontraditional influence, the end result of which is an eye-catching and entertaining performance.  Rod has spent some time studying with the masters in Buenos Aires and spends much of his time teaching in his native Chicago. His popular group classes are taught with an eye on encouraging and nurturing individual artistic styles while at the same time stressing the core movements and strong values of traditional tango. His infectious energy and love of the dance have created a large following of students in Chicago and the surrounding area.

As an artist, musician, and Latin dance instructor for many years, Jenny found her true calling in dancing and sharing her understanding of tango. With athleticism and grace, she flows effortlessly through complex movements, always with a strong connection to the music and her partner. Her athletic background and focus on tango’s core movements combine to create a visually poetic expression of the music and her partner’s lead. Her years as a salsa dancer also contribute a distinctive flavor that is both engaging and entertaining. Jenny has worked with many of the traditional masters of tango in an effort to refine and develop her tango style.

By fusing their other background dance styles in their tango, it makes their dance quite unique.  They believe that the connection, musicality, and technique are the keys to fully appreciate the beauty of tango.  In their classes they want to concentrate on how to be comfortable inside the embrace, based on the logic and naturalness of the movement.

Luciano Brigante & Alejandra Orozco

Copia de Yellow and Green Summer Beach Party Event Flyer (1080 x 1350 px)_edited.jpg

Luciano Brigante (Buenos Aires) and Alejandra Orozco (Mexico) are esteemed tango dancers and instructors with over two decades of international experience. They proudly represent the most elegant style of tango from Villa Urquiza. Their journey began with a profound immersion in the art form, learning directly from the old milongueros who imparted upon them a rich legacy.

With more than 20 years of teaching and performing around the world, Luciano and Alejandra have become ambassadors of Tango Tradicional, embodying the elegance, smoothness, and precision characteristic of their style. Luciano's achievements include being the runner-up in the World Tango Championship in Tango Salon Style and securing third place in the Metropolitan Championship representing Sunderland Club in Buenos Aires. Additionally, they had the honor of representing Argentina in the Olympics Games in Beijing 2008 as choreographers and dancers.

Luciano and Alejandra are dedicated promoters of tango culture worldwide. They are the directors of the Tango Maya Fest in Cancun, Mexico since 2011, and Tango Chilango in Mexico City, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art form across diverse communities.

Their teaching method, Tango Brigante, reflects their deep commitment to preserving tradition while infusing it with contemporary insights. As educators, their primary passion lies in effecting profound transformations in each dancer. They have had the privilege of sharing their expertise as guest directors at tango schools in Germany, the United States, and Mexico.

They have been invited to perform exclusively for royalty and presidents in countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Argentina, and Mexico. Their extensive tour to teach the Tango Brigante method has taken them across continents, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.

Their journey reflects not only their mastery of tango but also their dedication to preserving its heritage and sharing its beauty with enthusiasts worldwide. Luciano and Alejandra exemplify the elegance, tradition, and dynamism of Argentine tango, ensuring that the legacy of their mentors lives on through their teachings.

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