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Adam Hoopengardner (New York, NY)

adam dj.jpg

Adam lives and breathes Tango, and since a young age has lived his life by three simple rules: never turn down an invitation to a party, never back down from a fight, and never play a bad tanda. At Tango on the Rocks, you're guaranteed to see at least two in action. 

Tommy Smith (Boise, ID)


Fearlessly leading the Boise Tango scene to strange new places, Tommy Smith has worked tirelessly to promote and improve Tango in the West. As a DJ he is unstoppable, playing hit after hit until dancers start requesting 80's De Angelis, just to have an excuse to stop dancing. 

Rod Relucio (Chicago, IL)

Rod and Jenny 1.jpg

Rod is an alchemist: with nothing but a bit of concentration and a laptop, he transforms a quiet, empty room into a party that rages so hard the police have to be called. He will be DJing the All Night milonga on Sunday, so be sure to arrive early before everyone is officially ordered to disperse. 

John Miller (Denver, CO)


John Miller has been DJing for over half his life and in that time has played nearly every scenario imaginable: in seedy bars, under bridges, in Churches, warehouses, at weddings, funerals, high school sock-hops, on beaches, house parties, from 100-year-old victrolas, and at dozens of festivals. 

DJ Villano del Tango


DJ Villano del Tango earned his name in a shady tavern on the bad end of La Boca after he lost a game of Truco but won the knife fight that followed. Since then he has wandered the world, playing tangos and breaking hearts. His d'Agostino tandas have been known to make women swoon and grown men weep. 

James Valentino (Detroit, MI)

james valentino.jpg

James is a Detroit native who carries the party with him wherever he goes. Teacher, DJ, performer, choreographer - if it has a place in Tango, you'll find James doing it. 

Randy Alan Fisher (Detroit, MI)


Randy hails from Detroit, where he developed his love of dance and music. If you are looking to dance - look no further; you'll be singing the Randy man can. 

Pablo Esteban (Seattle, WA)


Pablo is a master of his craft - weaving sinuous, sensuous sounds into a net that will capture your heart. 

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