Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne (Buenos Aires, AR)

Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne are two of the most celebrated and important Tango teachers in the last 30 years. Their work has been critical in expanding the knowledge and understanding of Tango shared by dancers the world over, and nearly every major tango couple has studied with them at some point. They have taught and performed at countless festivals on every continent (save Antarctica) and are rightfully known as “los maestros de los maestros”. In their dancing, they are precise, creative, and musical. They make the merely difficult look simple, and the near-impossible look easy. They currently live in Boulder and run the award-winning Boulder Tango Studio. 

Rod Relucio and Jenny Teters

Rod has been dancing all his life. He and Jenny have performed in various venues around the world. Although his background has been mostly in hip hop and street dancing, he has fully committed himself to Argentine Tango. One can still see the lasting influence of his street dancing in his innovative and original tango style. 

It is also easy to see the coexistence of traditional tango movements and philosophy working in symmetry with a newer nontraditional influence, the end result of which is an eye-catching and entertaining performance.  Rod has spent some time studying with the masters in Buenos Aires and spends much of his time teaching in his native Chicago. His popular group classes are taught with an eye on encouraging and nurturing individual artistic styles while at the same time stressing the core movements and strong values of traditional tango. His infectious energy and love of the dance have created a large following of students in Chicago and the surrounding area.

As an artist, musician, and Latin dance instructor for many years, Jenny found her true calling in dancing and sharing her understanding of tango. With athleticism and grace, she flows effortlessly through complex movements, always with a strong connection to the music and her partner. Her athletic background and focus on tango’s core movements combine to create a visually poetic expression of the music and her partner’s lead. Her years as a salsa dancer also contribute a distinctive flavor that is both engaging and entertaining. Jenny has worked with many of the traditional masters of tango in an effort to refine and develop her tango style.

By fusing their other background dance styles in their tango, it makes their dance quite unique.  They believe that the connection, musicality, and technique are the keys to fully appreciate the beauty of tango.  In their classes they want to concentrate on how to be comfortable inside the embrace, based on the logic and naturalness of the movement.

Eleonora Kalganova

Eleonora Kalganova is one of the most graceful and innovative dancers working in Tango today. Her effortless movement and beautiful style have won her acclaim throughout the world, and she has taught at dozens of festivals throughout Europe and North America. This will be her third time at Tango on the Rocks, and Denver is thrilled to have her back! 

John Miller and Jesica Cutler (Denver)

Jesica is a master of anatomy, John is a whiz at structure, and together their classes present a clear and integrated understanding of Tango, both in movement and in composition. They have been teaching together for eight years, and work extensively with college students to bring Tango to the younger generation. They have also taught at numerous festivals in the US and abroad, including the Boulder Tango Festival, Tree City Tango, Wasatch Tango Festival, the Mountain Milonga Retreat, the La Paz Eco-Tango festival in Mexico, and of course, at Tango on the Rocks. Not to mention, they are the organziers of the festival, so if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! 

Adam Hoopengardner and Ciko Tanik

Adam and Ciko are some of the most beloved and influential teachers in the United States. They have worked tirelessly to grow the Tango scene in New York City, and have hosted some of the most legendary milongas the city has ever seen. In their teaching, they are playful, clear, and comprehensive.

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